The best way to clear a clogged drain is with a cable or commonly known as snakes. Stay away from the chemicals and cleaners promising a magic formula to rid you of your drain clog. These products may seem to work for the short time you need them, but in the long run, these chemicals begin breaking down your sewer and drains causing a much bigger and costly problem in the future.

Our trained expert servicemen will solve the problem you have with any drain. Of course, the best way to keep your lines free from clogging is avoiding putting things down your sewer and drains that would cause a backup. Here is a list of common things we are told can be flushed or poured down drains, but really by expert opinion is not a great idea at all. Flushable wipes, grease, paper napkins, paper towels, rags, any type of oils, Barbie dolls, hair ties, Kleenex, food (even with garbage disposal) and/or any type of paint. Again, this is to give some clarity of just a few items to never put down a toilet or drain.

If you believe your drain will require a video camera inspection, hydro jetting or more, do not hesitate, schedule your appointment today or call us at 602-442-8755.